Join the Forest County Fall Fun Scavenger Hunt

Forest County Youth Ambassadors, a youth leadership group of Forest County Extension, is inviting families to participate in a Fall Fun Scavenger hunt beginning Sunday, October 4th and ending Sunday, October 25th.  The scavenger hunt, sponsored by the Forest County Coalition on Activity and Nutrition, highlights eight different areas in Forest County where individuals and/or families can get outside and be physically active.

Access to a smart phone and the GooseChase app are required to participate in the scavenger hunt.  Participants should download the GooseChase app in the Apple IOS or Android app store, choose to play as a guest, or register, and search for and select the “Forest County Fall Fun Scavenger Hunt”, or by code “B5QLK8”.  Follow the prompts to select or create a team.  If you create a team as a guest, make sure you write down your access code for others.  Teams may consist of up to 5 people.  All ages are welcome to participate, but each team must have at least one youth under 18 and an adult age 21 or over.

Teams will be asked to submit pictures and/or videos of their team at each spot identified within Forest county.  Points will be earned for each submission.  All teams that earn 600 or more points in the game will be eligible to win $100 in Forest County Chamber Bucks.

Questions?  Please contact Michelle Gobert at, 715-478-7797.