Understanding Addiction – (Part 2 of an Educational Video Series)

U.W. Madison-Extension of Forest County is partnering with the Community Coalition of Forest County and its many members  to offer activities and education to all age groups and cultures in our diverse county to improve the health and well-being of our residents with a focus on substance abuse prevention and building resiliency.

Check out the second video in the 4-part Mental Health and Substance Use educational series. Part 2 focuses on brain science as it relates to addiction. This video features Brian Schultz, a retired pharmacist from Forest county with his science-based perspective on how the brain is involved in the development of addiction and substance use problems.

Look for the entire 4-part video series featuring conversations with Forest County professionals who will share their knowledge, experience, and resources.

- Mental Health and Mental Illness Basics (released in July) with Lynn McCorkle and Mary Thornton

- Understanding Addiction (released in September) with Brian Schultz

- Trauma and Stress its Impact on Youth and Adults (Sept. release) TBD

- Wellness and Stress Reduction (Sept. release) TBD