Centennial Lessons

As part of a local history initiative with Forest County students, community youth educator Michelle Gobert is collaborating with the School District of Laona to teach a Centennial Unit.  The lessons will engage students in learning local history while at the same time encouraging students to be active citizens in upcoming centennial celebrations for the Town of Blackwell, the Town of Freedom and the Town of Armstrong Creek.

After learning about this class, many adults in our county have asked Michelle to share her local history lessons so that they too can learn a bit more about this place we all call home.

Today’s lesson (January 18th, 2022) was in introduction to the word Centennial.  Students were asked to evaluate three sources for facts about a Centennial Celebration.  Sources of information included Forest Republican articles and video footage of centennial celebrations.  Students could also choose to interview an adult who had attended a Centennial celebration in the past.

The resources are shared below.  Enjoy your history lesson!

1985 Forest County Centennial Celebration


2003 Town of Wabeno and Town of Laona Celebrations


2009 City of Crandon Celebration

City of Crandon Centennial Parade Video

Laona 1972 video – Connor Land & Logging Centennial

Wisconsin Centennial Parade (1948)

United States Bicentennial Celebration (1976)