Mapping Broadband and Internet Access in Forest County

For those of you who have broadband, can we get you to take a broadband speed test where you live?

This is a safe link. It will only take a few moments and personal information is always protected and never shared.

At this link:

When the link comes up:

  • Click let’s do it
  • Type in your address
  • Click Check address
  • Click begin (after checking the tab)

Why are we asking you to do this?  Because taking this internet speed test will help us identify areas of need for broadband in Forest County.  This is part of a statewide test being taken all over Wisconsin.  The Forest County Broadband Commission is working with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and Grow North Regional Economic Development Corporation to roll out this simple speed test. We hope that EVERYBODY – as noted above, residents, students, businesses – will take this simple speed test and take it repeatedly.

Even those residents without internet access can help by logging onto the site from a friend’s home or the local library. Click on “Enter an address with No Available Service” to complete it.

Another Reason we are asking you to do this:  To tap into state and federal grants for broadband, we need to identify areas of greatest need. This is one major way to identify those areas of greatest need. It will provide you with information on the speed of your own broadband at home or at your business.

Even if your home does not have reliable internet access, you can help. Visit the link from a friend’s home or the local library and click on “Enter an Address with No Available Service” to complete the survey.

Forest County Forward

We (the Forest County Broadband Commission) can’t do this without the help of Forest County residents. We need as many of us – you – as possible to take this very easy internet speed test. The test will help determine where internet speeds are below Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards and where the state needs to focus on building the broadband infrastructure.

Right now, the FCC has decided that the definition of broadband is 25 Mbps (mega bits per second) of download speed and 3 Mbps of upload speed.   It is important to note that this definition is rapidly changing. Many involved in broadband throughout the United States are calling for a new definition of broadband to be 100/20, meaning 100 Mbps of download speed and 20 Mbps of upload speed. Whereas this would be a substantial improvement for sure, most experts are calling for speeds of 100 symmetrical – meaning 100 Mbps/100Mbps both download and upload speeds. It important to note that upload speeds means that information is being sent – videoconferencing, etc. is being done. Hence, business transactions are being conducted when information is uploaded. So, yes, I would like to see upload speeds as high as download speeds. I am in favor of 100/100.

To take the test, residents and businesses simply need to visit  from their home or work location.

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