4-H and Youth Development

Welcome to Forest County’s 4-H and Youth Development page.

What is 4-H?

Wisconsin 4-H is preparing the next generation of leaders through experiences in decision-making and citizenship activities.  Youth in 4-H youth development programs become actively involved in local groups, clubs and communities.  According to Wisconsin’s 4-H Development 2016 Impact Report, 4-H Youth are 3.4 times more likely to contribute to their communities compared to youth in other out-of-school programs.

What is Youth Development?

Research shows that when youth develop important life skills through positive and sustained relationships with caring adults, youth develop competence, confidence and character.  They also are more likely to become connected to their community and learn to care about others.  These outcomes result in reduced risky behaviors of youth offset by increased positive contributions to families and communities.  (Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development 2016 Impact Report)

Opportunities for Forest County Youth

Opportunities for Forest County Youth to participate in 4-H and Youth Development are currently being developed.  Current programs are listed below.  Please contact Forest County’s Positive Youth Development Extension Educator, Michelle Gobert at michelle.gobert@wisc.edu or 715-478-7797 with any questions or concerns.