How to Volunteer with Forest County 4H

Adult volunteers are essential to the 4-H program. Volunteers put 4-H’s researched-based, learn-by-doing model in action. They help youth learn and practice skills such as problem solving, decision making, and communicating – skills crucial for their success in school, careers, and communities.

Steps to Become an Adult Volunteer

4-H is proud of being a proactive, youth-serving organization with an excellent reputation for providing a healthy and safe environment for its members. The volunteer orientation process assures the quality of the program. To become a 4-H Adult Volunteer Leader, we need you to complete the following steps:

  1. Enroll in Forest County 4-H Youth Development through 4HOnline or in-person with UW-Extension Educator Michelle Gobert.

To Enroll through online visit and follow these instructions.

To Enroll in person, contact Michelle Gobert at 715.478.7797 to schedule an appointment.  You may also contact Michelle via email at

As part of your enrollment, you will be asked to agree to the UW-Extension Volunteer Behavior Expectation from and an Assumption of Risk Document.  These must be completed by all adults who wish to volunteer with UW-Extension.

  1. Complete online mandated reporter training.

       Online mandated reporter training provides information about how to recognize signs of child abuse and will provide the basis for some conversation at the in-person VIP training.

The training takes about 30-45 minutes and is available online through 4HOnline.  Visit the Training Section of your 4HOnline account to enroll.

If you do not have access to the Internet, the Online Training can be completed at the UW-Extension offices.  Contact Michelle Gobert at 715.478.7797 to schedule an appointment.

  1. Register for and attend an in-person Volunteers in Preparation (VIP) Training

This face-to-face training is required once for all 4H volunteers.  After that, you can participate in ongoing virtual and in-person training based on your volunteer role and interests.

Contact Michelle Gobert at 715.478.7794,, to schedule a VIP Training

  1. Pass a national criminal background check

In accordance with UW Regent and UW-Extension policy, we are required to conduct a national criminal background check for employees and volunteers holding a “position of trust with access to vulnerable populations” upon initial enrollment and every four years.

You will receive an email from GIS (General Information Services, Inc.) to request information from you to conduct a background check.

GIS is the vendor chosen to complete criminal background checks for UW-Extension employees and volunteers.

The background checks are done on a national and state level.

The background check is free-of-charge.  Please be assured the GIS website is a secure, encrypted site.

Please respond within 5 days to the request from GIS.


If at any time, you have questions or concerns with the 4H volunteer enrollment process, please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Gobert at or 715.478.7797