Forest County Horticulture Services:

Garden Questions

Do you have a question on gardening, flowers, lawn, trees or insects?  Contact a Forest County Master Gardener via the Extension office at 715-478-7797 and a trained Master Gardener Volunteer will return your call.   You can also send your question(s) via our Garden Online Request Form

Forest County Master Gardener Volunteers

Forest County Master Gardener Volunteers make a positive difference in Forest County lives and communities by maintaining our community gardens, developing school gardens, and identifying and inventorying the native tree species on the Courthouse Square.   Through hours of community service by answering diagnostic questions, educating the public on horticultural topics, growing, and donating food to local pantries, beautifying community spaces, conducting workshops, and more, these volunteers work tirelessly to make Wisconsin an incredible place to live.

Learn more about the State of Wisconsin’s Master Gardener Volunteer program and how it impacts Forest County.

Soil Testing

Soil testing is in inexpensive yet valuable tool for assessing your lawn and garden areas.  Test results indicate a soil’s pH level, the amount of nutrients in the soil, and the existence of nutrient imbalances.  A soil test will tell you what nutrients your plants or lawn need and will recommend the amount of fertilizer (N-P-K) to add to your soil.

Instruction on how to take a soil sample

Forest County Extension has wax-lined bags for soil samples or you can simply use a clean, dry Ziploc bag.

  • Step #1:  Complete the Soil Sample Submission Form
  • Step #2:  Mail your soil sample, submission form, and $15.00 per sample (check only) to the UW Soil Testing Lab, 2611 Yellowstone Dr., Marshfield, WI  54449.  You will receive results of your test 10-14 days after it is received either by mail or email, whichever you prefer.
  • Step#3:  Contact a Forest County Master Gardener Volunteer to assist in interpreting the results, if necessary.  Contact us at 715.478-7797 or via our Online Garden Request Form.

Community Gardens

Through its Master Gardener program, Forest County Extension supports two Community Gardens in the Crandon area, the City of Crandon Community Garden and the Wasmogishek Food Pantry Community Garden.  To discuss the creation of a community garden in your Forest county community, please contact Michelle Gobert at 715.478-7797.

School Gardens

Forest County Extension’s FoodWIse program has written for and received the Growing Together WI grant for Crandon Elementary School. FoodWIse has had a partnership with Crandon Elementary School since 1996 offering nutrition education to classrooms focused on eating all food groups for a healthy lifestyle and encouraging children to try new foods. In 2021, FoodWIse was able to write this grant because Forest County is currently experiencing one of the highest food insecurity rates in the state of Wisconsin with 17.6% of residents being food insecure (Feeding America) and since COVID-19 a 26% increase in FoodShare participation (WI Department of Health Services).

Crandon School District also has a free/reduced lunch rate of approximately 60% (WI Department of Public Instruction) and participates in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Due to limited food access in Forest County with one grocery store and two food pantries it is important that we focus on creating local food access for youth and families. The school has already created garden space and this grant will allow for soil amendment, gardening equipment for youth and adults, and the development of a sustainability plan with partnership from Master Gardeners and the Division of Extension. With all parties working together the garden has the opportunity to provide food access and create a healthy eating culture for students to be successful at school and in life.    

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