Forest County Head Start Students Participate in Color Me Healthy

During the month of November Crandon and Wabeno Head Start students participated in the Color Me Healthy program through Forest County UW-Extension, FoodWIse. Karly Harrison, FoodWIse Coordinator, provided each Head Start with the series of four nutrition lessons focused on identifying different fruits and vegetables, the colors of fruits and vegetables, and the importance of eating a rainbow of colors throughout the day. During each lesson students were provided a taste test and became food explorers. They became a food explorer by using their eyes to describe how the food looked, using their hands to describe how the food felt, using their nose to describe how the food smelled, and using their mouth to describe how the food tasted. By becoming food explorers the students were encouraged to try new fruits and vegetables which will hopefully increase their willingness to eat fruits and vegetables at home. It is important that children are exposed to fruits and vegetables at a young age to develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Pictured Wabeno Head Start Students with their Color Me Healthy Program Certificates
Back (L/R): Donavan Pingel, Case Anderson, Brecklyn Popp, Christopher Stuhr, Nova Christianson, Morgyn Liebergen
Front (L/R): Anora Collins, Jayvin Pingel, Trenton Towne, Etta Bauer, William Beyer