2024 Youth Summer Theater Program – Rhinelander


June 17-22, 2024

Rhinelander High School

This upcoming June, two professional actors/directors will be arriving in Rhinelander in their “little red truck” that will be loaded with a set, lights, costumes, props…pretty much everything that is needed to put on a play, except the cast! The team holds an open audition and will cast local students to perform in the production. The show will be rehearsed through the week and a public musical performance is presented at the end of the week!

Why You SHOULD Participate!

The Youth Summer Theater Program is inclusive, all youth in grades 1-12 are welcome to audition, no experience necessary!

Youth have the opportunity to try something new and challenge themselves! Youth will also gain important life skills, such as, creativity, communication, decision making, problem solving, caring for others, and healthy choices! Youth will build self-esteem, confidence, and resiliency! Youth will have the opportunity to work with two professional actors/directors, and will meet new friends!

More Information Coming Soon!

About the Group Audition

The Group Audition is an experience on its own! There is no limit to the number of youth who may audition. Every child at the audition has an equal chance of being cast. There is a chance that not all of the children auditioning will receive a part, it depends on the number of roles available and the number of youth who audition.

Everyone who participates in the group audition will receive an Audition Certificate! No advance preparation is necessary to participate in the group audition! A smile never hurts, though! Just be ready to come and have a good time!

All youth who would like an opportunity to participate in the program, including youth who would like to be cast as Assistant Directors, must participate in the group audition.

Youth who wish to audition must arrive by the scheduled start time, and must stay for the entire length of the audition session.

Please note that some cast members may have their very first rehearsal right after auditions end.

The show is cast at the sole discretion of the Missoula Children’s Theater (MCT) Actor/Directors, and roles will be announced at the end of the audition. The actors/directors will ensure no youth is singled out and will do their very best to ensure all youth leave auditions with a positive feeling!

About Rehearsals

Although not all cast members will be needed at every rehearsal, those selected after the auditions end must be able to attend all the rehearsals required for their role, and must be available for all scheduled performances. A detailed rehearsal schedule is distributed to youth at the conclusion of auditions.


  • During Designated Rehearsal Times: Participants will be under the supervision of the Missoula Children’s Theatre Inc. Actor/Directors. Please remember that as part of the registration process, youth participants agreed to follow the Wisconsin 4-H Code of Conduct.
  • Before or After Designated Rehearsal Times: Parents and guardians will be responsible for supervision of their child.

What Youth Can Expect

  • During dress rehearsal or the performance, some costumes may feel warm. We try to do our best to keep the space cool and comfortable, but please be prepared for this possibility. We rely on the costumes provided by MCT, some of which may be cushioned.
  • This program may require some waiting…not every participant can be on the stage practicing all the time. There will be times during the week when youth will have to practice their skills in waiting. MCT actors/directors will do their best to keep youth engaged as much as possible, but there will be times when participants will need to wait quietly, especially back stage, or while watching other youth or groups onstage.
  • There is a maximum cast size for this program; we truly believe every youth brings a special talent with them to auditions, but casting is limited to the amount of roles available. Please discuss this with your child(ren) ahead of time so they are prepared.


 Questions? Need clarification? Contact Forest County 4-H:

Anne Williams, Forest County UW-Extension 4-H Program Educator

Phone: 715-365-2750

Email: apwilliams@wisc.edu


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